dad fuck 16yo son

and long sessions in the gym with his fellow soldiers.

Dad Fuck 16yo Son

Close to his master like this Eddie’s cock was permanently hard, never more so than now with Hassan’s muscles rippling as he worked, his olive skin gleaming with a sheen of sweat under the hot afternoon sun. Hassan sported a stiff boner too as he glanced over at his boy – barefoot, shirtless, in an old pair of baggy surfer shorts that Jamie had given him.

Dad Fuck 16yo Son

Hassan was crazy about the boy. He loved his innocence, his wide-eyed honesty and his sense of fun. Plus the kid was sexy as hell and gave a blow-job that could make a grown man weep. Eddie was a perfect antidote to the testosterone-laced machismo of the hunky Marines Hassan worked with all day. Hassan, with his exotic, chiseled good looks and flawlessly muscular physiq

Dad Fuck 16yo Son

ue stood out as a leader among them and was lusted after by many, though they would die before admitting it. He had sought out this little hideaway in the Hollywood Hills to get away from all that, and the company of his sexy young boy made it picture perfect.

Dad Fuck 16yo Son

Hassan looked over at Eddie dad fuck 16yo son ’s dirt-streaked urchin face with his look of earnest concentration as he worked. He smiled and asked, „How many times did you cum last night, kid?“ Without looking up from his weeding Eddie said casually, „Five, I think, sir. Maybe six.“

Hassan grinned to himself, always amazed at how many loads of jizz his ‚little gusher‘ could shoot. Eddie was leaning forward to reach a distant plant, his lithe young body stretched out and the shape of his ass cheeks clearly outlined

under the thin fabric of his shorts. It was more than Hassan could take and with a low growl he leaned over and buried his face in the mounds of the boy’s ass, breathing in through the worn cotton. The Marine’s cock was pounding in his fatigues and Eddie fell on his stomach in the dirt with surprise and delight.

Hassan moved up the boy’s body and rubbed his shaft against the shorts, massaging the crack of his ass through the cloth. „Shit, that’s one fine ass you got on you kid, and it’s mine, and I can do what I like with, right?“

„Yes, sir, definitely, sir“ Eddie mumbled, his face pressed in the dirt as he desperately held back his orgasm. Hassan sprang to his feet and with his boot flipped Eddie over onto his back. „Shit, you’re filthy, boy, dirt all over you. But I l

ike working on dirty boys … you a dirty boy, kid?“

„Yes, sir …. definitely sir. I like it dirty too, sir.“ Eddie was stunned, thrilled … and a little bit afraid of the towering Marine.

„You like it dirty, do you, boy? You’d sure get off on me and my Marine buddies when we’re working in the repair shed of the motor pool.“

He ran his hands over his face and chest that were also streaked with dirt. „We get real down and dirty there, stripped down to our fatigues, our faces and bodies get covered in grease, oil and sweat running down our chests. We stink real good a dad fuck 16yo son nd we’re fucking horny too. A hot young buck like you shows up we’d strip him naked and work him over. How do you think that feels, boy, a young guy getting that sweet ass gang fuck

ed by a bunch of horny Marines, sweat and oil dripping down on you as they take turns shoving their big, greasy rods in your ass?“

Eddie’s imagination was reeling as he stared up at the savage look on the soldier’s face. „I’m the captain of this crew and I’d save you for last, kid, when my buddies have greased your hole up good and blasted their loads in your ass. I got the biggest dick of them all, I’m the boss around there, and I’m a mean son-of-a-bitch when I’ve got a kid like you under me on the greasy floor of the truck repair shed. He reached down and pulled Eddie’s shorts off.

„Oh yeah, you’d look damn hot, a naked young stud at my mercy on the ground, filthy as you are right now. I’d have my Marine buddies hold you down while I drop my pants and my massive dick s

hoots out … like this.“ He dropped his pants. „See that dick boy? It’s going up your greasy ass chute and even though my buddies have already greased you up it’s gonna hurt like hell, boy. You’ll panic as the Marine captain drops to his knees …. pushes your legs in the air like this. Shit, boy you’re so scared of that horny soldier you’d do anything he orders you to.

„Told you he was rough. He wants the fuck to hurt good, so he wants you to bust a load before he shoves his pole in you. That’s what you’re gonna do, boy. You’re go dad fuck 16yo son nna show me your spunk. My buddies are holding you down, you got no choice – unless you want me to chain you to the truck and have my crew gang-fuck you again. You want that boy?“

„No, sir. I’ll do anything you say, sir. I’l

l shoot for you … I’ll do it now ….aaagh!“ The boy screamed as cum blasted from his cock and slammed into the soldier’s chest.“ He looked aghast at his own jism flowing down the captain’s massive pecs, mixing with the sweat and dirt.

„Damn you, boy. Who the fuck do you think you are? Nobody shoots jism over this Marine, especiall

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