nie gently slips beside Roy and immediately feels his dick warm over from the touch of the tall kid’s skin. Roy was wearing his traditional black t-shirt with the group Green Day on the front and his tight black pants and boots.


Ernie loved how the shirt was a tad too small for Roy, apparently after too many tumbles in the dryer, and the way it pulled up his flat stomach and showed off his pierced navel. A dark trail of fur also traveled down into the lanky kid’s crotch.


Many times Ernie had slipped into the bathroom at school after seeing Roy in the halls and whacked off in the stall. Sometimes late at night in bed too.


However, recently, all Ernie could think about while jerking off was that hunky man who owned the little hardware shop in town. Ron.


„So, what

are you eating?“

„Pop Tart. Peach.“

„Yeah. I can smell it. Sweet.“

„Wanna a piece? It’s my last one.“

„Sure. Why not.“

Ernie breaks the tart in half and hands it over to Roy, watching a few crumbs drop down onto the kid’s stomach and around his bellybutton.

„It’s my bad.“

„No problem. Thanks. ..So, what do you think is going on huh? Some pervert picking them up and locking them in his cellar like that fucking freak clown all those years ago?“

‚What clown?“

„Gacy. You never heard of him?“


„He’s a fucking weirdo man. I mean, imagine being fucked by a fat horny clown.“

„Hmmm, no thank you. I try not to think about shit like that.“

Ernie catches some more crumbs fall down int

o Roy’s bellybutton. God how he wished he could bend over and get them out with his tongue. The thought suddenly made Ernie hard.

As Roy turns and cracks the window, Ernie shuffles his dick to the side, trying to find comfort but it’s packed tight.

„What ya doing dude?“

Roy asks, catching him.

„Nothing. Just trying to get comfortable. Why did you open the window?“

„Time for a smoke man. I got some good shit. Want some?“

‚What? Are you joking? What about Mr. Wess.“

„Fuck him. He’s old and stupid. Besides, we’re far enough back no one will smell. How about it?“

„I dunno know dude.“

‚Come on. You shared your pop tart with me. Let me at least catch you buzz.“

„Alright. But let’s do this quick. I don’t want to get busted

. My mom is already on my back because I haven’t been sleeping right.“

„You too, huh?“

„Yeah. Hey, wait? Are you telling me you’re having problems sleeping too?“

„Sort of. I guess because of all the strange shit going on recently. Here. Get ready.“

Ernie watches Roy pull out a fat joint from his boot and fires it up with a bright yellow lighter. The lighter looked awesome against Roy’s dark features. After Roy takes a hit, he holds it in and hands it over to Ernie.

Ernie takes a hit, holds it in for a second, then coughs.

Fat Margaret looks back, FratmenTVryan curious to see what was going on.

„Turn around fatso! My friend has asthma!“ Roy tells her. Margaret rolls her eyes and looks away.

„Damn dude. You okay?“

„Yeah, it

’s just strong man. Lower that window down more so we don’t get in trouble.“

‚Relax. We are cool. Here. Let’s try this way.“

Ernie clears his throat as he watches Roy fire back up the joint and hold in the smoke. Then, Roy waves him closer with his fingers and then leans in.

Before he knew it, Roy softly pressed his lips against Ernie’s and blew in a steady stream of sweet smoke, sending Ernie to the moon.

With his eyes fluttering, Ernie’s hand accidently drops onto Roy’s stomach and he could feel the cold silver ring and brown peach crumbs between his fingers.

„Nice, huh?“

„Wow! Yeah. That was something else. I wasn’t expecting that. The…the bus feels like it’s going in slow-mo.“

„I know right? The stuff makes me horny as hell too.“

That’s when Ernie realized his hand was pressed on Roy’s bare stomach.

„Oh shit. Sorry.“

„Nawh, no sweat. It’s cool. You like the ring?“

„Yeah. It’s cute.“

„Thanks. Ever thought about getting one?“

„No. Not really. It looks like it hurt.“

„At first. You just have to clean it often so it doesn’t get infected“

„Hmmm. Interesting.“

„Go ahead. Touch it. Feel around it. It’s pretty cool as it goes inside.“

„Okay. Why not?“

Ernie’s cock was raging now. Clearly sticking FratmenTVryan up in his pants like a big tent.

As Ernie traced his finger along the cold steel, Roy fired up another hit and sucked it in hard then motioned for Ernie to share.

Ernie leaned over and took in the sweet blast while rubbin

g his two fingers along the ring, caressing it.

As smoke steamed out of the side of their mouths, Roy whispered…

„Go down there dude. Taste it. Clean off those crumbs.“

In a deep daze, Ernie nodded his head and slowly went down on Roy, tracing his dry tongue around his navel and tasting the peach crumbs. A

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