out to show the camera. I then swallowed my meal. It was foul. I realized a bit later, that it the lube was what made it foul. I’d not want lube, as soon as I could handle going without it. Master bent over and began to whisper in my ear, ordering me to say what he was telling me. Mom, Dad, and Brandi. This is my new life. I have wanted this for years. I am a pig cum slut. I love cock, cum, and p


iss I paused. Please don’t try to help me. I don’t need help. I am in love with my boyfriend. The last sentence burned across my voice box. He whispered again. Don’t look for me. In fact leave me to be the gay son you never wanted. Forget I was born! The last part I grumbled, as Master was getting on my nerves. The red lights on the camera’s turned off. I was shackled by my ankle to the heavy


steel lower half of the bed frame. A heavy chain, and pad locks kept me in place on Master’s bedroom floor. I was allowed two blankets. The first I made padding to sleep on, the second I wrapped around myself as I fell asleep. I was dreaming all night. Not of the usual work scenarios from back at the restaurant. Instead I had the stage play of the mind, the reaction of my parents to the video


played over and over in my head. I kept waking up. Sweat covered my forehead. The dreams changed replaying what had happened. The immense pleasure. Cumming without touching my penis. I feel so empty now. I thought. Eventually, the dreams stopped and I slept as best I could with the chain clinking over itself waking me whenever I moved. I woke to Master kneeling over me, his knees on either sid

e of my arms and chest. His hard cock was staring me in the face. I blinked a few times to clear my vision. With that action he knew I was awake. Open! He said simply. I did and was instantly rewarded with him taking my throat again. This time the angle was opposite, so his large, upward curved cock was rubbing the back of my throat viciously as he pushed past my gag reflex. The man had no mer

cy at all this morning. Time for your breakfast. He said cheerfully. He pushed deep into my throat, sawing in and out, his pubes tickling my nose on each deep downward thrust. I timed my breathing each time he left my already raw throat. Master worked himself down my gullet for a long time this time. If I had not worked out the breathing intervals, I have been dead. I reached up and cupped his

ball sack, trying to do anything I could to get him to cum. This wasn’t enough. I suddenly realized what he wanted. He wanted me to ask for this. I did the very first thing that came to mind. I grabbed his smooth, hard ass cheeks and pushed his hips forward. He moaned in approval. I used my tongue to caress the underside of his cock, licking and tracing each of the veins within reach, and the

n massaging his massive urethra. His pace began to quicken, his smooth globes began to produce sweat as I gripped them, becoming a little slippery. The tongue work did the trick. I felt the pulses travel down his urethra and deep into my throat. It wasn’t an all you could eat buffet, but his load was large enough that I felt it move into my stomach mere minutes after he fed me. The quiet belch

I endured let me taste his load. He unlocked my ankle from the chain, leaving the shackle on. Now slave it’s time to work. Today you will weed the garden, mow the lawn, if there is time, trim the hedges, and then make lunch. After lunch you will shower, scrub the kitchen floor, and polish all of the hard wood. You will then take the training for your paying job. He stood over me stern faced.

I felt overwhelmed just at the idea of mowing the lawn. It would take two days to do that alone. The estate was massive. I followed him down the stairs and out of the house. He showed me the equipment I would be using once we reached the shed. Now I wanted to cry. The garden was almost a half acre in size. THAT alone would take a whole day. The mower I was to use was a weak gas powered push mo

wer. Two days easy. The hedge trimmer? A pair of large shears. Three or four day job. Master, with this equipment there is no way I can get even two of these jobs done in the time allotted! I spoke without permission. I cringed as soon as I realized my error, waiting to be hit. The backhand didn’t come. I peeked up at him from my knees on the concrete shed floor. He was smiling. Roberto! He yelled. You see, this is just the stuff YOU will be using, the landscaping crew will be enjoying the show of you toiling along side of them. They like working my property, no

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