Our dick sucking captor is busy man

to my car, a piece of shit Chevy, but at least it got me from point A to point B.

Our Dick Sucking Captor Is Busy Man

If you haven’t read the previous chapters, I’m Chad, a 19 year old cum slut and size queen, at least that’s what my actions lately would mean. I’m in good shape, 5’10“, 190 pounds with blue/green eyes and frosted dirty blonde hair. My parents hate the hair but I really like it. Since today is my first day at the local community college I’ve chosen my clothes carefully. I’ve got a new pair of dark washed jeans that really show off my ass; a tight t-shirt with the school mascot that I cut a bit so it’s just riding at the top of my jeans. If I bend or reach it shows of my back dimples and my abs. You never know who you might meet.

Our Dick Sucking Captor Is Busy Man

On my way to campus I passed by the rest stop and the mall, the pla

Our Dick Sucking Captor Is Busy Man

ces where I came to realize I like cum, and lots of it, and big dicks. The guys I’ve been servicing all have cocks as big or bigger than any of the guys in my high school locker room. I may never see any of those big dicks again.

Our Dick Sucking Captor Is Busy Man

When I got to the community college campus I parked and th Our dick sucking captor is busy man en started walking toward the building where my first class was. While walking I realized that just like high school there are cliques just like there were in high school. There was a cluster of nerds, another of artsy types, a couple of groups that were sitting all together but had their heads in their books, some stoners, the mean girls and of course the alpha males, the guys who typically played sports and who knew they looked good. As I was walking toward

the alpha group I couldn’t help but check out the size of the packages they all had and they all looked pretty impressive. Since they knew they were hot they all wore clothes that accentuated their crotches and their muscles. When I looked up to check out their faces, the biggest guy looked at me and said „faggot, what are you looking at?, I bet you’re trying to see how big my cock is.“ His friends laughed and some of them called out faggot, cocksucker, pussy boy and a couple I never heard of but guessed were derogatory. Who cares, I like who I’m becoming and I didn’t think there was anything wrong with sucking cock or being a pussy boy. After they walked past I glanced over my shoulder to check out their asses, no surprise all looked pretty damn good. When I raised my eyes again the

biggest guy was looking back at me and sneered.

My first class was pretty boring, just going over the syllabus and other general information. There wasn’t much to look at either. Most of the guys in class were nothing special and the professor was old and looked like he was ready to fall over. I wasn’t looking forward to being in this class for the semester.

After class ended I had an hour and a half before my next one. My job didn’t start until after the second class so I had some time to kill. I decided I would go check out the library since I would be in the Student Unio Our dick sucking captor is busy man n for my job. The library was nothing special but it had Wi-Fi so I spent some time just searching the web.

I needed to pee so I packed up my stuff and look

ed around for a bathroom. There was one right off the lobby but since I’m pee shy I wandered around looking for one that wasn’t as busy. Seeing none on the main floor I took the stairs down to the basement. The basement was pretty empty because all that was down here was rows and rows of book shelves. Since no one really needs to get hard copies of books anymore the place was deserted. I found a john at the end of one of the stacks and went in.

The bathroom was old and stuffy. A couple of sinks, one urinal and five stalls. I decided to check out the stalls. To my delight there were glory holes between each of the stalls. I decided to take the middle one. The graffiti on the walls was different than what I had seen at the rest stop. There were political statements, comments abou

t faculty members, and stupid limericks. There was however some „show hard for a blow job“, „meet me Tuesday at 4:30“, „I’ve got 8 inches for you“ plus a few more. I pulled my cock out and had a nice pee.

While finishing up I heard the door open and close and someone took the stall next to me. Someone glanced through the glory hole but I really couldn’t see them. Almost immediately a cock appeared in the hole. „Blow me cocksucker“. I didn’t know why but the voice sounded familiar. Far be it from me to turn down a cock, I wrapped my Our dick sucking captor is busy man fingers as far around it as I could. It immediately started to harden up. It kept growing and growing. My good luck continued, another big cock. When it was at its hardest I was able to put my hands side by side w

rapped around the shaft and there still was more.

„Come on faggot, I don’t have much time.“

I didn’t need much more incentive, I sat down on the toilet and sucked his cock into my watering mouth, man it tasted good. I started using all my tongue and throat tricks to really get him going. I slide my mouth up and down his hard dick and moaned as I did.

„Fuck man, I knew you

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