They start off kissing up against the

o what I did this morning?“ I asked, finishing his sentence.

They Start Off Kissing Up Against The

„Yeah! It felt so good!“ he exclaimed.

They Start Off Kissing Up Against The

„Of course honey!“ I said, turning myself around. Just like in the morning I started to push my ass into him, making sure to do my best to keep his cock between my cheeks. My head was turned to the side and I could see Chris trying to adjust himself through his jeans, but wasn’t having much success. I saw the frustration mounting on his face and wanted to relieve it.

They Start Off Kissing Up Against The

„Chris, go ahead and unbuckle your jeans, it’s okay!“ I said sincerely.

They Start Off Kissing Up Against The

„Really, it’s okay mom?“

„Yeah! Where else did you think you were going to finish!“ I said, reaching back to kiss him.

With my words of encouragement, Chris unbuckled his jeans and dropped them to the floor. He didn’t see

m too sure of what to do with his boxers so he kept them on. I didn’t complain and knew we were running low on time so I went right back to grinding against him. He naturally started to thrust into me as well, but every time he did so, I could feel his cock slipping out of the opening of his bo They start off kissing up against the xers. When it was almost completely out, I straightened myself up and turned my head to kiss him; nuzzling his cock against my ass and giving it no space for him to try and put it back. My lips kissed him passionately while my ass grinded up and down on him.

„Just tell mommy when you’re -„

„I’m close“ he muttered out, between our kisses.

Without even breaking our lips, I slipped my yoga pants off until they were at my knees; my panties wer

e now the only thing between my pussy and his cock. Chris‘ eyes widen when he felt my bare skin. And without the fabric of my pants, I was now easily able to nestle his cock between my cheeks. It only took a few more seconds before I knew Chris was going to cum.

„Ooohh! Mom I’m going to cum now!“ he said, as his hand was now jacking himself off.

„Cum on mommy’s ass!“ I exclaimed, while bent over, still trying to grind against him.

With his right hand busy, Chris grabbed my hip firmly with his left and pulled me towards him; he then began to shoot load after load on my ass. The first two big shots landed on my cheeks, but he was able to reposition himself so that the last few landed in my ass crack. When he finally seemed done, I backed my ass into his cock one last t


„Make sure you get all your juices off, honey! I did your laundry today and noticed you’re running out of clean underwear!“ I said teasing him.

Chris smiled at me, „I wonder why mom!“ he shot back. He took his cock and started to rub the tip on my ass smearing any of his leftover cum on my panties. When he felt satisfied, he stopped and stepped back.

„I’m done mom“ he said, starting to pull his jeans back up.

I looked at the clock and saw that we had pretty much made it and wouldn’t have any trouble getting to the theatre in time. I didn’t think I’d have enoug They start off kissing up against the h time to change though, so, not even wiping his cum away, I just pulled my yoga pants up.

„Chris, can you see anything?“ I asked, posing my ass for him.

„Not really“ he said, after taking a few seconds to check.

„Okay let’s go then!“ I said, giving him one last kiss.

We headed down the stairs, Chris first and then me about half a minute later.

Aside from a little bit of traffic, the drive to the movie theatre went rather smoothly. Along the way, Chris and his friends chatted quietly with one another.

„Do you need me to pick you guys up?“ I asked before they left the car.

The three of them looked at each other, realizing they hadn’t accounted for how to get back home.

„Chris, just text me if you guys need a ride later, OK?“ I asked, seeing their struggle.

„Ok, Thanks mom!“ Chris waved, getting out of the car.

His friends quickly said thanks as well and the three of them hurriedly mov

ed into the theatre. I myself, sped back home before my daughter got back from school, just barely making it.

The first thing I did was change out of my yoga pants, Chris had soaked it with his cum! I was about to take a shower as well, but the idea of walking around with his jizz all over my ass was such a turn on that I decided against it! It was a constant reminder of what my body could do to him.

The rest of the afternoon was like any other; spending time with my daughter and preparing dinner. Just about 15 minutes before m They start off kissing up against the y husband usually got home, I got a text from my son.

„Mom, we are going to get some food at a restaurant nearby.“

„Ok, that sounds good! Do you need me to pick you guys up later?“

„Yeah, proba

bly in an hour or so.“

„Ok just text me when, honey!“

„Thanks mom, you’re the best ; ) „

What a naughty winking face! Well, I guess it was well deserved after what we had done today, twice!

„Good evening dear!“ my husband said, interrupting my thoughts.

„Evening. Go get washed up, dinner’s ready!“

„Where’s Chris?“ my husband said, sitting down at the table.

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