Trio hunks condom buggery

Trio Hunks Condom Buggery

, Merrick?“

Trio Hunks Condom Buggery

„… Huh?“ The merman asked curiously.

Trio Hunks Condom Buggery

„I mean, Adam already said you’re a male model, but you do anything else on the side?“

Trio Hunks Condom Buggery

„I don’t understand.“ Merrick said.

„I mean, do you have a part-time job or something?“

„No… But I have been thinking about going somewhere else to spend time while Adam is gone.“

„Oook?“ Luther said, shrugging, „Do you like any sports?“

„Uhh… Sports?“ Merrick asked as he blinked awkwardly.

„You know, baseball? Football? Soccer? Tennis? Basketball?“ Luther listed. Merrick paused before shaking his head.

„Nnnno, I don’t think so…“ He said.

„Right…“ Luther said, „Uh… Any hobbies?“


„Things you like to do in your spare time? Do you draw? Write? Collect s

tamps? Fishing? Hunt-„

„Oh, yes! I know how to hunt!“ Merrick piped up.

„Oh, ok! What kind of rifle you use?“ Luther asked.

„… What’s a rifle?“ Merrick asked.

„Ahhh,“ Luther sighed, „I’m going about this the wrong way… What do you hunt?“

„Fish, mostly,“ Me Trio hunks condom buggery rrick said, „Sometimes crabs or squid, and the like.“

„Oh, you mean you go fishing?“

„Not really… I uh…“ Merrick fumbled for the right words, „I don’t use any of the items Adam uses to hunt fish – rods or nets. I’m more adept at using a trid- spear, I mean…“ He said.

„I see…“ Luther said. Nice boy, but a bit of an enigma.

The blonde stood awkwardly as he has no idea what to say next. This man is very inquisitive, and he does not have

any answers that feel right to use.

„So um… Adam says you grew up in a Nudist Community? What’s that like?“

„Er…“ Merrick winced, as once again, has no viable answer, „Well… It’s been a long time since I last been where I’m from…“

„Ah, I see…“

„… I’m sorry…“ Merrick said as he looked to the side, „My life is… Complicated.“

„I hear ya… Sort of…“ Luther said.

„I… I think I’ll just walk to the pier and wander…“ Merrick said as he turned and went to Adam’s room to get dressed.

„Ok then… Maybe I’ll meet up with you later when Donna comes back?“

„Umm… Sure…“ Merrick said casually as he walked away. Luther sighed as he scratched the back of his head.

„Strange kid…“ He mumbled.



nna stretches as she feels the sunlight in her sweats. Just before she inserts her headphones into her ears, her eyes glance to the side. Over by the old cliff, is Merrick, sitting on the edge – wearing just some boxers, from the looks of it.

Curious, she jogged on over to him, and walked up behind him, „Not thinking of jumping, are you?“ She asked. Merrick turned around, and looked up at her. The way his eyes looked… He looks as if he was expecting her.

„No…“ He said as he turned back to the sea, „Just… Remembering, I guess…“

„Ah, ok…“ Donna glanced at his Trio hunks condom buggery neck, her eyes locking onto a tribal heart symbol on his flesh, „That’s a neat tattoo you got there.“ Merrick’s fingers tensed on the rock, „I think it’s pretty.“


rick put his hand on the back of his neck, „It’s…“ He paused for a moment, „It’s more of a grim reminder to me. Thanks though.“ He said as he lowered his hand.

„Oh, I see…“ The woman couldn’t help but notice a sense of melancholy from the blonde man. His voice carries a hint of longing as he gazes over the ocean, „Something on your mind?“

„A lot, really…“ He responded.

„Need to talk? I’m a psychologist.“ Donna offered.

„What does that mean?“ Merrick asked, his voice giving off just a hint of subtle aggression, as if he doesn’t really want to talk.

„It’s someone who is trained to talk to people about their problems. Talk them through their troubles, make them feel better.“

„Maybe, but chances are…“ Merrick said, „You won’t understand me


„Well, maybe not, but it helps to talk at least. I can’t tell you how many of my patients have told me that.“

„That just means they’re trying to cope with their pain. Would bringing it up REALLY help with dealing with it.“

„That’s exactly what psychologists are for,“ Donna said as she sat down next to the young male, „It’s not always easy, but talking people through there problems and resolving their conflicts is what we specialize,“ She patted his shoulder, „Come on, Merrick. Let’s talk.“

After a short pau Trio hunks condom buggery se, Merrick bowed his head, „… I miss my p…“ He stopped briefly before continuing, „… My family…“

„Ah, I see.“ She said, „When was the last time you talked to them?“

„Almost 2 years now, I believe…“

He said.

„You have a big family?“ Donna asked.

„… You could say that…“ Merrick answered, „We were always traveling… We never stayed in one place for too long…“

„Who do you miss most?“

„… I miss my best friend… He had a big dream… And now I can’t see where he will go with it now that I’m gone…“

„What was his dream?

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