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the plywood sitting on the floor. Tyler looked around the room, wasn’t sure it was the same one for the walls were not stained, nor the ceiling or the floor he was lying on. The walls and ceiling were just a faded white paint, the floor worn dusty wood. He looked up to Aiden scanning the room as he had done. Aiden looked down at Tyler, his face showing a nervousness.

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„Tyler…our clothes are gone and the windows face west…which means the sun is setting.“

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„What, but that means…“ Tyler started to reply till Aiden interrupted him.

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„We’ve been here nearly a full day…at least“ Aiden said aware he had no idea how much time had passed since they were gone. Aiden lay on Tyler a moment, each trying to calm down, get their breathing back to normal.

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„What are we go

ing to do?“ Tyler asked. Aiden started to reply when they heard a noise downstairs, the sound of footprints as someone moved through the hall on the first floor. They both froze, holding their breath. Then there were steps on the stair, coming upward slowly. Aiden moved off Tyler and eased to t video deeprelease he door realizing it was partially open. Tyler followed and they leaned up against the wall behind the door, waiting.

The steps came up the stairs, eased down the hall and Aiden and Tyler could hear one door then another open slowly. The steps kept coming toward them till they were outside their door and Aiden and Tyler held their breath and watched the door squeak open by them. The beam from a flashlight scanned the room, moving over the walls and floor. Aiden thought

it was now or never and he reached out and grabbed the arm holding the flashlight and jerked them into the room. A scream pierced the air as Mark was pulled into the room and his flashlight momentarily turned up and lit his face.

„Mark…Jesus we’re glad to see you“ Aiden cried out.

„Goddamn it…what are you doing?“ Mark yelled at Aiden then he composed himself and looked at his two friends, both naked with their hands over their crotches. „Where the hell have you been and why did you take off your clothes?“

Mark, and none of others would every get the complete story, nothing that would explain what happened, for Aiden and Tyler didn’t really believe it either, just knew it couldn’t have happened as they imagined it. That fall Tyler and Aiden left the small town

for college, a departure that would be permanent, for they would only return for brief visits and they would never return to the old mansion.

HB MFlt;p>I hovered over Bill, one hand holding me up and the other holding my cock, already stroked up hard, ready to fuck and I pressed it to Bill’s hole. It was his first contact tonight, the first time his hole has been touched and it was tight, dry, not prepared for what was about to happen. Bill lay there, naked, his wrists bound and tied to the head of his bed and I was between his legs ready to bore down on him, ready to stretch his hol video deeprelease e open and penetrate him.

I looked down Bill’s body, the way he laid there, submissive, waiting, and I pushed downward, swung my hips hard and forced my cock through the tig

ht ring of his opening. His head jerked up, his mouth open and nothing came out as I pushed my cock into him feeling the tightness, the way his hole milked my cock, squeezed it tightly as it slide into him. Bill’s body quivered, his arms shook, pulled against the rope and I could hear him suck in his breath. I pushed all the way in, ground my hips against his ass, feeling the snug fit around my cock.

„You ready to get this ass fucked“ I taunted him.

Bill turned his face down into the bed, his breathing coming fast and hard but I heard him reply, his voice almost commanding in tone.

„Fuck me…fuck me hard.“

I pulled up, let my cock slide through Bill’s tight opening and when the head was stretching his hole, trying to slip free I slammed back down burying m

y cock into his hole. Bill cried out, his body shivered beneath me and I did it again, and again and again, slowly at first, long full strokes, letting those in the room watching, standing in the shadows stroking their own cocks, or the cock of the guy next to them, see my cock pull through the tight ring of Bill’s hole, watch my cock slide out and then slam back in. They watched each move, the way I drove my cock into Bill’s hole and they watched how Bill responded, his cries, grunts, the way he began to push upward with his ass, taking e video deeprelease ach deep penetrating thrust. I fucked as hard and fast as I could, slamming my cock into that tight hole, feeling it loosen as I drove my cock through it over and over. It was too much friction, this dry tight hole and my need to

cum surged through me, made my cock harden even more, swell up larger, the head even more sensitive and I bore down on Bill’s ass, thrust my cock into it till I came, pumping my load into this dry hole, lubricating it, cooling my cock and I kept pumping my hips, thrusting my ejaculating cock through its own load and it felt good, too good.


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