video ian ticing and reese fox

wing this is what I was hoping for, and then thinking about it, gave me such a hard erection that I knew I would probably fuck her tight pussy during that session, if not sooner as a plan started forming. I knew my answer at that point, Ok, I will be there to help. But I won’t be visible to either of you, yet you will both be able to feel me and what I do to you. I will also let you hear me so you know how much I am enjoying it. Her name is Jesse Grant and she is expecting you to contact her. Now though, it’s your turn.

Video Ian Ticing And Reese Fox

I heard Emma sigh in contentment.

Video Ian Ticing And Reese Fox

Looking at the clock and realized I still had thirty minutes left in class, so I pushed a thought out to the other students, I am sitting in my seat for the entire class period.

Video Ian Ticing And Reese Fox

You don’t notice anything different and you don’t notice Emma at all. You know she was here, but not what is happening to her. You suspect she might not be feeling well so you leave her alone.

Video Ian Ticing And Reese Fox

Then I thought to Emma in a commanding tone, I’m going to make you c video ian ticing and reese fox um now to help relieve a little pressure. Oh and to taste your juicy pussy again. You will be aware of everything I do to you, but will be unable to stop me from doing what I want. You won’t see me and you won’t recognize anything about me by what I say or sound like. You will only cum, when I tell you to. Is all of this understood? You may answer me.

She immediately responded, Yes. Even though it was only a one word resp

onse, it was filled with so much excitedly expectant emotion that I thought she might cum right when I started, had I not limited her already.

To Emma I then sent, Stand up and slowly give me a striptease.

She stood up and slowly started to move her hips in a hypnotic swaying motion while pulling her top off. She had on a sexy lace see-through bra and seemed to highlight, rather than hide, her nipples. Which were standing up, excited beyond belief. Then, slipping her hand down the front of her pants, she started softly rubbing her panties, just over her clit, moaning slightly as she did so. Her other hand, bent behind her, unhooked her bra and it fell away to reveal her perfect 36c breasts that begged to be licked, bit, and sucked… in that ord


After her bra dropped to the ground, my eyes followed her now free hand as it slowly unbuttoned her pants..all 4 buttons. Using both hands, while still swaying her hips, she gently pushed her pants down taking her lace panties along for the ride, revealing once again, her perfectly shaped, tight little pussy. I could already see her clit poking it’s head out at the top of her moist looking slit. Stepping out of her panties, she was still swaying, now with one hand pinching her nipples, and the other rubbing her pussy.

Stop, I commanded her – whi video ian ticing and reese fox ch she obeyed. Bend over the teachers desk with your leg propped up on the chair to the side, with your ass facing the class. Rest your forehead

on the desk. Expose yourself to them, using your hands, pull your ass cheeks apart and then spread your pussy lips letting them see your hot tight holes.

Again, she obeyed and even sighed in excitement. I moved forward now and knelt down under her, between the desk and the chair she was using as a foot stool. My face was in front of her pussy with me facing the class. I angled my head and licked her asshole, causing her to moan in excitement. She started to move around and I ordered her to stop and stay as she was. She couldn’t move, once again, she just had to stand there and feel what I was doing to her while leaning over the desk holding her ass cheeks open.

Once again, I started licking her asshole, getting it nice and moist. Occasionally I would drag my tongue

from her asshole, across her taint, through her wet pussy lips, and directly onto her clit. Coating that entire area with both my saliva and her pussy juices. I then thought a question to her, Do you want me to make you cum fast, or do you want me to enjoy myself as well?

She responded, You have 25 minutes, so the choice is yours, however, I would like you to enjoy it as much as I do so maybe both?

Taking this challenge, I started sucking her on her clit hard while flickin video ian ticing and reese fox g my tongue across it. I figured I would get her to cum fast once and then take my time making her cum again more slowly. I started alternating from sucking on her clit, to making motorboat noises by pushing air past

my lips, which were pressed together firmly, creating a vibrating feeling. Suck for ten seconds, vibrate for ten seconds.. which had the effect of making her very wet as well as increasing the volume on her moaning. Then I used one of my free hands and stuffed three fingers into her very tight pussy. Three seemed to be all she could handle, but the first time I did it, I worked up to


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