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you from my phone; the girl in the salon suggested it, and she took some – and it looks like your cock would like them too“ as my cock went berserk waving around as my first fingers of cream touched the bristly stubble on either side of her now protruding slit and mound, and even her clit was visible to me, opened as she was like this.
I busied myself massaging the cream in the whole area where previously she had it all covered in her pubic hair.
Of course, it was sensual, and I did my best to make it more so, without putting cream inside her slit, but then she told me that was no problem, so I dipped my fingers from top to bottom of her as I applied the cream.
She was soon dripping sweet wetness, and I chastised her „I am trying to take care of you here; if you keep makin

Video John Wahlberg Photosession

g it all wet, the cream will run off!“

Video John Wahlberg Photosession

I actually thought there was no more rubbing needed, so I put the lid on the tube, and put it on the bedside table.
Mae didn`t attempt to close her legs, and my hands were sitting on her thighs.

Video John Wahlberg Photosession

I slid my hands up her body, my hands closin video john wahlberg photosession g on the mounds of her breasts; she sighed, and I uncurled my legs, stretched them behind me, and my cock slid all the way inside her wetness as my mouth came to hers for more wetness.

Video John Wahlberg Photosession

I fucked Mae this time, my varied strokes and depth and timing of all of them and she pushed my mouth away and pulled a pillow to her mouth as she squealed in her orgasm, and the next.
Over 3 wives and the couple of other women I had known in earlier years, I had tri

ed to find ways to make the woman feel pleasured: my own need to ejaculate always came second to her climax.
Pleasing it was, therefore, that Mae seemed to be thoroughly enjoying what we were doing.

And, on top, my `larger size`, according to her – though I considered myself average – could penetrate where no cock seemed to have gone before, and it was a wonderful journey of discovery, along the ripples and folds of her cunt`s tunnel, all the way to the barrier of her cervix`s narrowed opening to her uterus.
I did my best to break through in to there, and I was not yet groin to groin with her, so there was some way for me to yet go, and I wanted to go there – if not this first real time, next time…and…
When I flexed my thigh and buttock muscles and pounded her fas

t and strong, she groaned out loudly, and I glanced at Ellie, but she slept on, and I slowed in Mae yet again, coming back to her entrance and leaning to rub my shaft against her clit, which she seemed to immensely enjoy and which gave her another climax within a few seconds.

I paused there, and slid back in slowly, giving her respite enough to uncover her face, open her eyes to stare at me, and she gasped out „how can I give this up at home, my son“ but it wasn`t a question really, and seemed more like a statement.
„Will you want to Mae?“
„Never, but nothing else will sat video john wahlberg photosession isfy me again“ and she was quietly weeping, so I stopped fucking her, stopped mauling her breasts and laid my head to them as I held her.

„I don`t know if yo

u know, Mae, but Sonia and I haven`t had sex, almost since Ellie was born. Yesterday, I couldn`t understand it when you made my cock wake up – it has been asleep so long I thought it was dead. Last night, with you, was the first time in a long time I wanted to be with a woman, and that, I am sure, was only because that woman was, is, you. You have done something, and I don`t want to give this up now, either.“
I slowly pulled out from her, kissing her nipples as I left the bed.
I went to my phone, with my naked form facing away from her, and sent her a message.
Before I was back at the bed, her phone `clicked` quietly, and I gave it to her: it was my sticker `Don`t Worry, Be Happy`.
She turned it off and I put it back on the side table, back into bed and I slid stra

ight back inside her cunt.
„Haven`t you finished, my son“ and I shook my head before mouthing her breast for a moment; „No, but that`s not important, because it is very comfortable inside you, Mae: I love it here“ and she wrapped her strong arms around my bony body and hugged me breathless.

I didn`t fuck her strongly after this, because she fell asleep under me!
I slipped out again, very quietly, and covered her with the duvet, not wanting a sleep myself, though thinking I should rest up…for later, perhaps…

Instead, I video john wahlberg photosession slipped on my shorts, very quietly put milk, coffee and sugar in my mug, took it, my book and cigarettes outside, hardly moving the curtains, hardly moving the door to slip through sideways, and set everything do

wn except my coffee mug, walking with it into Reception and to the sideboard where hot water was always on.

Part 3

Returning to my outside table and bench seats, our housekeeper, who Ellie and I knew from previous visits, was sweeping outside the bungalow on the other side of the path from ours.
She hailed me, „Khun Steve, can you help me for one minute, please“ and I put my c

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