video straight hunk cums while getting fucked anally

„And you love it.“ I said

Video Straight Hunk Cums While Getting Fucked Anally

I licked everywhere my tongue could fit between her legs Debby was returning the favor sucking me off even harder she enjoyed it right up until she orgasmed all over my face.

Video Straight Hunk Cums While Getting Fucked Anally

Debby quickly straddled my waist easing my thick shaft into her pussy she was really tight still though not for much longer as I groped her big tits.

Video Straight Hunk Cums While Getting Fucked Anally

„Yeah squeeze them.“ she hissed

Video Straight Hunk Cums While Getting Fucked Anally

„Kinky little thing.“ I said

Video Straight Hunk Cums While Getting Fucked Anally

She humped my cock at a near blistering pace I watched as her big rack bounced on every stroke Debby wasn’t letting up for anything.

„I might pull some hair out from my orgasm.“ she moaned

„I’d prefer claw marks on my chest.“ I said

Our orgasms hit at the same moment Debby scratched up my chest while I flooded her baby canal with my t

hick seed as she slammed her hips down over and over I had barely pulled out of her pussy when my cock erupted again splashing another thick load from Debby’s boobs down to her abs.

I have to admit she had serious talent it seemed the more I gave her the more she wanted it was rather stra video straight hunk cums while getting fucked anally nge to wake up to such a pretty face and not really know how I got here so I decided to poke around on the net to get a few answers.

After a few hours of searching through most of the search engines I ran across a recent story post featuring Debby with the title Mouse empire hottie hitched I read through it taking notes on a few things even getting a description of the guy which sounded nothing like me sometimes I wondered about the s

ources when Debby wrapped her arms around me pushing her sizeable chest into my back.

„Well looks like someone is looking for answers.“ she said

„It’s all I can do given the situation.“ I said

With my cellphone battery dead I didn’t see a need to recharge it but when I plugged it in I got multiple voicemails from my friends wanting to talk I wasn’t ready to deal with them till I had more info I had flashes of memory click while I slept but not much made sense between shadows and flashing lights when it hit me all the pics showed the same thing Debby had no ring on her finger that would qualify as a wedding band so I took that to Debby making me feel better.

„That’s some great detective work but it doesn’t explain this thing I just found.“ she said

„What h

ave we here.“ I said

Debby handed me a marriage certificate complete with both our names on it and the official court seal I thought it was fake since I was missing some honeymoon memories with Debby plus the date on it was only a day old but the seal was throwing me off.

„Why don’t we just go with it all the pieces are bound to come together sometime.“ she said

„May as well have some fun and take a break from looking till more info happens besides I need to check my voicemails anyway.“ I said

After going through the voicemails I called my buddy John since I hadn’t video straight hunk cums while getting fucked anally seen him for a bit and was the last person to see me before all this crazyness happened with Debby he sounded a bit out of it.

„Where hav

e you been it’s like you vanished.“ he said

„I’m ok just woke up with a nasty headache and a girl in the bed.“ I said

„Nice but could you keep an eye out for Debby Ryan a wedding story about her has gone viral and paps are everywhere trying to spot her with the guy first pic is worth huge bank.“ he said

„Thanks dude.“ I said

Even with that big piece of the puzzle I was no closer to solving anything it was going to be tricky getting around knowing there was a big payday for pics of Debby when I heard water running.

„Feel free to join me if you want honey.“ she said

„Don’t think I need one…(sniff)..oh yeah that’s not right.“ I said

I knew I showered the night we met but since I smelled like a mix of Debby’s perfume, sweat, hairspray, and lots of

sex I figured I really needed one and maybe I could have some fun too besides her calling me honey was sweet.

„I’m getting naked now.“ she teased

„Coming dear.“ I said

The warm water was nice Debby was slipping out of her clothes as I arrived to help her she started stroking my cock easing her big tits around my thick shaft before I picked her up plunging my member into her ass making her jump.

„Yow and I thought you were big last time.“ she said

„Just don’t go tense or it’s really going to hurt.“ I said

< video straight hunk cums while getting fucked anally p>Her anal ring was opening but Debby was still rather tight if she was a virgin I could easily destroy her ass without much effort even though she was nearly begging for it.

„I want it…ju

st…wreck me…baby.“ she moaned

„If you say so.“ I said

I let Debby set the pace so she wouldn’t get hurt I liked the slow part yet she started going faster purring like a cat in heat with her hand between her legs.

„AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH fuck yeah drill me.“ she said

„Still a bit tight.“ I said

Debby was quickly going overboard slamming her ass on my cock making her big tits bounce around getting my hands on them only helped


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