watch now that s a mouthful robert hill

Watch Now That S A Mouthful Robert Hill

lust to a fevered pitch.

Watch Now That S A Mouthful Robert Hill

As they reached her own back door, she felt him coming up behind her, his hands caressing her bare breasts before moving down to the waist band of her shorts … suddenly yanking them down to her ankles.

Watch Now That S A Mouthful Robert Hill

She spun around, „Mike!! What do you think you’re doing??“

Watch Now That S A Mouthful Robert Hill

Smiling up at her, „You said I could take it all off once we got back to your place.“

„Yes, but I didn’t mean in the back yard.“

„Oops!! Too late!!“ he says as he yanks her panties down leaving her totally exposed to anyone who happened to be driving by.

Letting out a little sigh, she stepped out of her panties before unlocking the back door and going inside.

Once she heard the door close behind them, she turned to face him. Moving in close, she took his face in her

hands and put her lips on his in an intense, open-mouthed kiss. As their tongues danced together, Mike reached up to grasp one of her breasts, squeezing it firmly in his hands. Donna gasped with pleasure as he did this, intensifying the kiss as he pulled on her hard nipple. After a few more mom watch now that s a mouthful robert hill ents she broke off the kiss, leaving the both of them slightly breathless; and looked deep into his eyes with a gaze filled with desire and lust, still holding his face in her hands.

She was thinking back twenty years to the first time she’d let a boy remove her bra. About how he has squeezed and sucked her nipples and how she had returned the pleasure by giving him her first blow job. It had been a long time since she’d sucked a guy’s cock, and

she wanted it right now before one of them changed their mind.

„I want to suck your cock,“ she said softly, and then without another word she dropped to her knees in front of him and unzipped his pants, dropping them around his ankles. Taking his cock in her hands, she watched his reaction as she licked up and down the shaft a few times, then began swirling her tongue around the swollen head, relishing the smooth texture and the salty taste of his skin, before slipping her lips over it. She engulfed his entire shaft into her warm, sucking mouth, and began massaging his balls with her free hand as she deep throated his cock all the way down to the base, to the point she was licking his balls while his cock was deep within her throat.

She could taste the pre-cum and that exc

ited her even more, getting her juices flowing as she started sucking even harder. She could tell he was getting ready to shoot his hot load into her waiting mouth as his cock grew harder and larger. Just as she started sucking harder and deeper, he exploded, filling her mouth with his hot, thick cum. She slurped and swallowed the delicious fruits of her labor before licking him clean.

She stood up and took him by the hand, leading him to the bedroom. There she sat on the edge of the bed, watching as he stripped off the rest of his clothes before joining her on the bed where they la watch now that s a mouthful robert hill y together, sharing deep lingering kisses as their hands explores each other’s bodies. Moving over her, his gentle kisses began moving slowly down her throa

t until he stopped to squeeze and caress her soft breasts, sucking and licking her nipples as she moaned with pleasure. As she felt his hand wandering down between her thighs, she spread them wide to give him easy access as his probing finger began exploring the very core of her womanhood.

As he moved his head down between her thighs, she heard the sound of her vibrator …. realizing, to her horror, that she had left it on the bed. She moaned and squirmed in ecstasy as he gently slid the vibrator into her and began to lick and suck on her clit, while his hands moved up to her heaving breasts. It didn’t take much of this before she was humping against his mouth, shuddering over and over as the orgasmic waves rippled through her body and she cried out in pleasure.

Giving her

a few minutes to recover, he kissed his way back up her quivering body, licking and sucking her sensitive nipples before moving up to share another lingering kiss. She lay trembling with desire and anticipation as she felt him position his manhood between her thighs and begin pushing it into her. It had been so long, she had almost forgotten how good it felt to have a real live cock inside her and she rocked her hips back and forth trying to gain as much contact as possible as he started fucking her fast and furious.

„Slow down, Tige watch now that s a mouthful robert hill r.“ she panted, „I haven’t had a man in five years and I have no intention of going anywhere now. Enjoy it.“

But Mike had other ideas and continued fucking her hard and fast, knowing that soon she wou

ld be begging for it. It didn’t take long before she was writhing uncontrollably beneath him.

„Harder! Harder!!“ she begged as she felt her orgasm building, then screamed in ecstasy as the building tension explodes in an earth shattering climax. As her spasming pussy massaged his cock, Mike kept pounding her until he exploded inside her like an erupting volcano, filling her with stream after stream of hot st

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